Mindful in May: A summary

Last month I participated in Mindful in May to help raise much needed funds in order to bring clean water to people living in developing countries. Thanks to our united efforts – and of course, all of the lovely people who sponsored us – we were able to raise over $80, 000, enough to fund two water development projects in Rwanda!

As I wrote in my last blog, however, I also saw Mindful in May as a personal challenge, a way of introducing a consistent meditation practice into my daily life.

So, how’d I go?

I’ll admit, it wasn’t always easy. I feel as though I have the chattiest monkey mind in the world, and the first week in particular was very frustrating as I sought to quiet it. I did miss a couple of days, and others I was so exhausted that my meditation practice consisted of me lying supine in bed, focusing on my breath and trying not to fall asleep.

Knowing I was part of a community, acting for a common purpose, helped to keep me on track most of the time, and by the end of the month I looked forward to those ten minutes of silence, stillness, and space. My monkey mind was still, well, monkeying around, but I became more efficient at identifying and witnessing my thoughts, rather than identifying with my thoughts, and in doing so was able to create a little more space in which to just be.

I confess, as soon as May ended, I allowed life to get in the way again and my meditation practice has once again been left behind. But I remember that bewitching sensation of inner peace, and with two weeks of annual leave stretching out in front of me, I hope to once more settle upon my cushion and find that blissful inner knowing.


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