The little things…

I recently read an article about life wins – you know, those wonderful, small moments in your day when everything seems juuuuuust right, and you have a smile that stretches from ear to ear. It inspired me to look at my own life, to examine the minutiae of my day, to uncover all the little life wins I’ve accumulated, even on the craziest, gloomiest of days. It made me so happy, I just had to share it with you! And please, feel free to suggest some of your own! Because, let’s face it, you might have all the money in the world, but nothing, NOTHING compares to the sheer joy that jumping into piles of autumn leaves can bring.

 * Jumping in the car, turning on the radio, and hearing a song I haven’t heard in ages come on…and getting to hear the whole thing (no tuning in halfway through for me!)

 * Seeing the first blossoms on the tress whilst out for a gentle stroll, and knowing Spring is on its way

 * Dinging the bell when a service counter is unattended…maybe more than once 🙂

 * Being told “I love you”…and saying it back

 * Being told “thank you” by someone who truly means it

 * Reading a poem or passage in a book that makes your heart race, just a little

 * Massive, squishy bear hugs

 * Yoga (naturally)

 * Sharing a wholesome, homemade meal with loved ones

 * Singing in the shower (the acoustics are great!)

 * Feeling the morning sun on your face

 * That first sip of a perfect chai (or coffee, or whatever your beverage of choice is)

* Watching my tulips bloom

Your turn!


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