My Top Five – June

1) Green juices   I’ve started getting into green juices this month. Not everyday – sometimes I forget, and let’s face it, at 7am on a cold winter’s morning, a hot cup of tea is far more appealing. But they taste great, act as an instant nutritional boost and help to alkalise the body. My favourite combo is spinach, cucumber, celery and apple. Definitely keen to try out some smoothie recipes soon – maybe next month?

2) Black quinoa   I’ve been on the quinoa bandwagon for ages, but I’ve only ever eaten white quinoa. That was until my boyfriend brought home a bag of black quinoa from the Middle Eastern bakery down the road. It was a revelation – a little crunchy, with a wonderfully earthy flavour. It’s been on high rotation for lunch and dinner. And it looks pretty too.

3) Handmade skin care products  I’ll do a proper blog on this soon, but suffice to say that creating your very own products, whith complete knowledge and control of what goes into them is suprememly satisfying. Kind of like a quiet “up yours” to all those companies who insist on serving up cheap, toxic and downright nasty chemical cocktails disguised as moisturisers and soaps. And with ingredients like almond meal, poppy seeds and cocoa butter, they’re almost good enough to eat!

4) Workhealth Check    Because no matter how young you are or how well you think you’re doing healthwise, it’s always good to just get a little snapshot of what’s really going on. I was especially interested to see my results after increasing my fat intake – and turns out my cholesterol levels are excellent, blood glucose perfectly fine, blood pressure normal, waist measurement well below the recommended limit. Fat is not the enemy!

5) Rosehip oil   I recently switched to Trilogy skincare products, which use rosehip oil as their signature ingredient. This month, I started using their rosehip oil (with added antioxidants!). Rosehip oil has been shown to reduce wrinkles, scarring and stretch marks, and to improve the overall appearance of skin. My skin has never felt so soft! So nourished and healthy. Any pimples clear up quickly, my skin tone has improved (no more blotchy cheeks!) and I’m looking forward to seeing my acne scars fade.


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  1. Maire Schroepfer
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 02:51:55

    Stretch marks are really nasty and it can heal very slowly without the use of chemical peels. *’,,` Till next time food supplements blog site


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