My Top 5 – May

1) Coconut oil    Like many people, I used to be scared of eating fat. But there is absolutely no need – as long as you’re eating the right kinds. Coconut oil in BRIMMING with the good stuff – check out more info here –  they explain it much better than I could. I eat it in my porridge, my stir-frys and curries, slather it on my skin as a moisturiser. I think the lauric acid in it is even helping my skin infection! Go get some!

2) Raw desserts     I’ve been thinking more and more about raw foods lately, and treats in particular. Because, let’s face it, we all need a choccie hit now and then. And if there’s a way of making it healthier, I’m all for it! Cue experiments with raw chocolate avocado mousse, chia pudding and raw chocolate brownies. I used this recipe at My New Roots for the brownies – and they are DIVINE. Try them for yourself!

3) Natural skincare    I’ve been slowly switching my chemical-laden skin care products to natural, nicer stuff. Trilogy for the face, Perfect Potion for the rest of my skin, and Miessence for deoderant. All are absolutely beautiful, and work even better than my old stuff. I haven’t yet started tweaking my make-up brands, but I am wearing less, and less often, so it’s a start.

4) My snuggle rug      I really, really dislike the cold. And Melbourne is freezing right now! So I bought a cosy blanket a few years ago to wrap myself in each winter. It’s been getting a great workout these past few weeks! So toasty!

5) Florence and the Machine      I was lucky enough to see her earlier this month – definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been to. There’s just something so magical about her voice. It transports and transforms. Simply brilliant. (And as an aside, how good is live music?)


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