2012, and getting back on track

I remember starting 2012 with a little quiver of excitement. Numerologically-speaking, it’s a “One” year for me, the start of a new cycle. It’s the year in which I’ll complete my yoga teacher training and start a new phase in my yoga journey. 2012, I thought, is going to be great

A couple of months in, and you know what? It’s been hard. Juggling work dramas, study, yoga, and making time for my partner, family and friends has seen my health go down the gurgler. Energy levels are down to zilch. Fatigue is my constant companion. Tears come up often – on the mat and off. And the skin on my legs has broken out in a red, itchy, irritated mess – something that only ever happens when I’m under stress. Usually it clears up in a few days once I’m onto it. It’s now nudging the two month mark and I’m almost losing my mind. My doctor suggested anti-depressants (for their “potent antihistamine effect”). I chose to see a naturopath instead, and discovered that stress had sent my immune system out of whack.

During this time, my yoga practice has noticeably changed. Classes are, on occasion, a struggle, but I’ve learnt to be kind to myself and not push. At home, I’ve been instinctively drawn to forward bends, spinal twists, lots of seated postures and meditation – practices that cool, rest, balance and restore an angry and inflamed immune system. I’ve started regularly practicing Viparita Karani, to relieve stress and kick my lymphatic system into gear. 

With yoga, herbal remedies, vitamin supplements and a few dietary tweaks I’m starting to feel calmer. My skin is starting to look and feel better. I itch a lot less. Finally understanding why my skin freaks out when I’m stressed, and what I can do about it, helps me feel more in control.

And you know what? It’s only March. Plenty of time to embrace change, invite new things into my life, and make 2012 great.