The teacher training journey…so far

Back in early October, I started my yoga teacher training with theAustralianYogaAcademy. With ten years of personal yoga practice under my belt, a growing restlessness gnawing at me, and a yearning to attempt to incorporate yoga into every aspect of my life, the decision to undertake teacher training was an easy one.

Two months in, I can already (at the risk of sounding hyperbolic) say that I have made one of the best decisions of my life. The discussions we’ve had around yogic philosophy and the nature of the Universe have been mind-blowing. Beginning to learn about anatomy and physiology has been invaluable for deepening my own yoga practice. But more than that, it’s the space that we’ve created for ourselves. Instead of boring my partner senseless with endless soliloquies on hyperextension, or musings on the mechanics of a jumpback, I have a space I can go to once a week, in which I am encouraged – nay, expected – to ask questions, to explore the finer details, to delve right into the beating heart of yoga.

We’re on a break at the moment until February, and I’m missing it. That said, the next two months are going to be a great time to really broaden and explore my own practice, incorporating what I’ve already learnt, as well as to seek out new learning opportunities, new teachers and classes, start getting an idea about where I want to be heading, teaching-wise, once I’m qualified.

But that’s a whole other blog post!


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