Why yoga?

Why yoga? Of all the extracurricular activities I could have chosen as a teenager, why did I pick yoga? More, why have I been able to dedicate myself to the practice for over ten years, when so many other things – netball, dancing, the gym – have fallen by the wayside?

It was the late 90s, the decade in which the new age craze really picked up speed. I was 17 years old and into all things hippie and alternative – yoga seemed to fit the bill nicely. An eight week yoga course was offered at the local gym. My mum and I signed up together, and, quite simply, that was that – the beginning of a lifelong love.

Over the next couple of years, I dabbled with yoga – short home practices, trying out different classes. The more I practiced, the more I found I needed to practice. 30 minute sessions became hour long. I went from practicing every second day to daily practice. I began to notice the difference in my body, mood and stress levels if I skipped session. Yoga had become an integral part of not just my life, but my entire being and sense of self.

Since those early days, so much has changed in my life – school, university, work, finding love, heartbreak, moving house, finding new love. My yoga practice has ebbed and flowed in its intensity – sometimes life has just been simply too crazy to spare more than five minutes for some pranayama! But through it all, yoga has been there for me, a shining beacon in life’s raging storms – awakening energy when I had none; calming my mind when negative and obsessive thinking threatened to take over; teaching me that I am both mentally and physically stronger than I could have ever conceived. Yoga has been my closest friend, my mentor and my muse. Everytime I step onto my yoga mat, it feels like coming home.


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